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The worst part about anything that’s self destructive is that it’s so intimate. You become so close with your addictions and illnesses that leaving them behind is like killing the part of yourself that taught you how to survive.
- L.L (via fleurthorn)

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If you’re afraid of everyone leaving you, what do you do?”
“Make them stay.”
“And if you can’t do that, or don’t know how to?”
Ellie shrugged. “I don’t know.”
“Yes, you do. In fact, you’ve done it. You leave first,” Coop said, “So you don’t have to watch them walk away.
- Jodi Picoult, Plain Truth (via mulders)

If a female student got drunk and had her car stolen the university would call the police. If she got drunk and had her computer stolen, they would call the police. If she got drunk and had her phone stolen, they would call the police. The fact that she was drunk would not even be factored in when assessing if a crime had been committed. But if she gets drunk and has her body invaded and her humanity stolen, school administrations are perplexed about what to do.
- International Human Rights Activist Michael Simmons offered these words (via Facebook) in response to the May 3, 2014 New York Times’ “Fight Against Sex Assaults Holds Colleges to Account” article. (via kenyabenyagurl)

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A wave viewed from underwater


I feel so insane right now

If you don’t get excited when you’re about to kiss someone then you probably shouldn’t be kissing them. It should get you riled up inside and should not be mediocre.
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I think the scariest thing about falling in love is that there’s always an opportunity to fall out of it. There is no signed contract, no promises that can’t be broken, no guarantees that that person will stick around and that scares me to death. One day, they can just wake up and be over your little weird habits, and the way you say the letter “I.” They’ll realize you’re selfish, they’ll realize they deserve so much more. And that’s the scariest thought I’ve ever had.
- this is so personal i’m going to be sick (via brennanat)

I hate the fact you always feel like you have to be going somewhere, like the end destination is to be finished, or to be happy. But the truth is a lot of us are completely lost, and we don’t know, and that is also a state of mind, to not know who you are and where you’re going.
- Lykke Li (via wordsthat-speak)

If you are unwilling to fight, then you are undeserving.

In my opinion, all good things are worth fighting for. Anything you don’t fight for, you have already determined unworthy of your time. You can’t very well give a damn and then refuse to take action. This is where the strength of your personal character and will is determined. Do you fight for the things you hold dear to your heart, or do you lie down and let them slip away?

But then again

Maybe I am just a fool