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night sky || chvrches

I’m the night sky, I’m the fire in your eyes
and I want you now and for all time
I’m the cold heart, I’m the secret that you hide
I’ll be listening until you decide


Talking Heads | ‘Take Me to the River’

More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978)


Snapchats from desaparesido ❤️

Trauma that occurs to the individual occurs to us all. Whether it is sexual abuse, domestic violence, losing somebody, facing racism, watching your parent go to jail, or any other terrible experience you can imagine, the damage it inflicts does not stay within one person. It affects us all. Everybody has their own sources of pain, and that pain manifests in different ways for each person. Sometimes it manifests as a distrust between the citizen and the police force, and sometimes it manifests as a young woman afraid to walk outside at night by herself. We all feel a degree of this trauma because even if we have not lived it, we have seen it, we have heard it, and as compassionate beings, we can still feel it. Never think that your own personal suffering is irrelevant to the rest of the world. Your experiences in the world are always relevant.